Visit Bali Orchid Garden when you are next travelling  to or from  northern and easterly tourist sites.

Enjoy a tour around the hectare of beautiful landscaped tropical gardens  and relax among exquisite
orchids blooming throughout the year. The garden is open for individual tourists or tour groups. Friendly
staff are there to make your stay with us more enjoyable. They will escort and explain the wide variety of
tropical plants and help you discover many orchid treasures.

The garden has a well stocked souvenir store with items as diverse as jewellery, paintings, candles,
honey and flasks of orchid plants, and can supply boxes of tropical flowers including Heliconia,
Anthuriums and Orchids for you to take home.

Bali Orchid Garden is also able to arrange for you to access various
tours. Some of the tours currently
and soon to be available are listed below.


Keep an eye on this spot as there will be many interesting tours in the future.

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Den Amethystoglossum
Tour Specials

Orchids of Bali

Orchids of the

Day Tour of
Gardens of Bali

*  ORCHIDS in the Wilderness     Register your interest


*  ORCHIDS of Bali-   Register your interest

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Includes a commentated tour of  Bali Orchid Garden, a visit to the Botanical Garden, and to
selected other orchid gardens and cut flower nurseries. Lunch provided at an inner Denpasar
private show garden. Accommodation can be arranged at one of a number of hotels including
the Luxury Jimbaran hotel.  We would recommend a custom made package which includes
visits as above, as well as a translator if required, accommodation and transportation.

*  Orchid tour of Bali & Java

*  Butterfly Tour

*  Bird Tour

*  Orchid Garden Expert Guided Tour and deflasking demonstration

Contact Bali Orchid Garden for more information or to register your interest in any of the above
Bali Orchid Garden    email:       Telp: +62 361466010      Fax: +62 361 466011  
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Bali and the
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We believe that our
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Orchid tours  
involve areas away
from the commonly
visited tourist sites