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In the Shade House look for the Oncidiums,  Phalaenopsis,  Ascocendra  and ground orchids.  Coelogyne species
include  C. pandurata, the ‘black orchid’.
Coelogyne pandurata
Phalaenopsis amabilis
See many different
Bulbophyllum species.
Coelogyne speciosum
B. vaginatum
B. anceps
Phalaenopsis violacea
Doritis pulcherianum
Paph. chamberlianum
B.  curenculatum Sulawesi
B. lobbii
Cirrhopetelum gigantea
Bulbophyllum. sp.
B. becarri
See the variety of Bulbophyllum, Coelogyne, Dendrobium, Paphiopedilium, Phragmapedium, Eria,  Vanda and other species
 A large Grammatophyllum scriptum plant flowers frequently. .
Eria hyacynthoides
Rhynchostylus retusa
Den smilliae
Dendrobium farmeri
Den species
Den seccundum
Dendrobium pierardii
General view of shadehouse
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Grammatophyllum scriptum
Den macrophylum
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B. graveolans
B. lepidum
B. curenculatum Kalimantan
Bulbophyllum sp.
Cirrhopetalum wendlanianum.
Bulbophyllum sp.
Bulbophyllum sp.
B medusae
Eria javanica
Coelogyne massangiana
Eria erecta
Den lamellata
Rhynchostylus gigantea
We thank those who have assisted in naming some of our species and welcome further input.  Please contact