Take a Tour around the Garden
On entering the gateway pass between the statues of Brahma, God Creator of Life, and
Wisnu, God Preserver of Life.
From here.you will be greeted by our friendly guides and escorted past tree fern posts
covered with flowering Dendrobiums and beds of Mokara orchids, then along a walkway
lined with red flowering sprays of  Kagawara 'Christie Low'.
Kagawara walkway
Kagawara 'Christie Low'
White Phalaenopsis hang flowering from a Mango tree on the left followed by further posts of
flowering dendrobiums, with a Lotus water garden on the right. A left fork of the pathway leads
through the Fernery, the right pathway continues on past  assorted orchids on tree fern posts and
trees, surrounded by colourful foliage including Cordylines and Costa and on past Heliconia that
line the pathway, small cut flower varieties on the left and the larger South American varieties on the
right, ending with the graceful and showy hanging Heliconia rostrata.
From here the path leads past the Bromeliad garden on the left to the back lawn where
the beds of flowering Vandas, Mokaras, Epidendrum, Arachnis Maggie Oui, Aranthera
‘Ann Black and other orchids on posts and Frangipani trees can all be viewed from the
shade of the Balinese house.
See some Larger Anthurium and Orchid species with the Bromeliads.
Asco. Carolaine Kathleen
V Patricia Low hybrid
V. coeruleum hybrid
V. Chark Kwan
Rest in the shade and enjoy the view of orchid beds of Mokara and other vandaceous orchids
See also the spiny garden in the
corner by the shade house
before walking past a row of
Vanda Douglas, used locally in
flower arrangements, and into
the shade house.
See the Vanilla vine with
flowers and pods-
yes it is also an orchid.
Then stroll through the shade
house and find these orchids
Asco. miniatum orange
Lc Ranger Six 'OK'
Cattleya Netpasari 'Beauty'
Oncidium 'Sweet Sugar'
Onc Wildcat 'Bloodshot'
Slc Naomi Kearns x B Nodosa
Blc Crispin 'Rosale'
In the Shade House look for the Oncidiums,  Phalaenopsis,  Ascocendra  and ground orchids.  
Coelogyne species include C speciosum and C. pandurata, the ‘black orchid’ and Phalaenopsis
amabilis, native to Indonesia.
Oncidium 'Maidenhall'
Oncidium 'William Thurston'
Coelogyne speciosum
Coelogyne pandurata
Phalaenopsis amabilis
Phalaenopsis hybrid
See also
and Oncidium
Doritis pulcherianum
Note the interesting Hoyas with their waxy flowers in hanging baskets and climbing on posts. More Bromeliads, flowering anthurium as well
as foliage anthurium species, spathophyllum, caladium and many more tropical foliage plants are scattered throughout the shadehouse.
Fascinating Nepenthes hang in the Phalaenopsis glade. And many species are to be found growing on posts and in containers. See the Bat
plant with its magnificent flower.
Hoya Santos
Hoya 'Red Wings'
N. maxima
N. raffesiana
Hoya carnosa
See the shiny leaf-like coloured flowers of the Anthurium hybrids
and large leafy Anthurium species.
Catasetum hybrid
Red Bromeliad
Anthurium Tropical
Calanthea rosa picta
Caladium patch
Anthurium longifolium
Anthurium sp
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And when you have experienced all the
splendours of the garden refresh in the
Orchid Cafe
cymbidium finlaysonium
Rhynchostylus retusa
Dendrobium antennatum
'Bat flower' Taco