Shipped Ex Bali
Thank you to those who have purchased
flasks from us in the past and given us
good positive feedback regarding their
quality and transportation.
Aerides odoratum - west Java

Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis - papua

Coelogyne asperata - East Kalimantan
Coelogyne mayeriana - Bengkulu
Coelogyne peltastes - Kalimantan
Coelogynw pandurata - East Kalimantan

Cymbidium finlaysonianum - west Sumatra        
Cymbidium pumilum - Jepang

Dendrobium antenatum - Papua
Dendrobium lineale - Papua
Dendrobium macrophyllum - west Java
Dendrobium mirbelianum - Papua
Dendrobium schulerii - North Sulawesi  
Dendrobium undlatum - Papua                                 
Dockriilla dolicophylla

Grammatophyllum scriptum
Grammatophyllum speciosum - west Java  

Phalaenopsis bellina - west Sumatra                  
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi - Kalimantan
Phalaenopsis gigantea - west Kalimantan

Paphiopedillum glaucophyllum - east Java                   
Paphiopedillum liemeanum - Kalimantan     
Paphiopedillum primulinum - Kalimantan                       
Paraphalaenopsis serpentilingua - West Kalimantan    
Paraphalaenopsis laycockii -west Kalimantan
Renanthera retusa - west Java       

Vanda dearei var suavis                              
Vanda insignis                                                  

Flasks contain approximately 15 plants, cymbidium,
dendrobium and Grammatophyllum contain alot more,
paphiopedilum less.
Other species

Den bicaudatum -green twisted

Den D taurinum - white with red lip twisted

Den gouldii - white with blue lip twisted

Den lasianthera - yellow with dark red lip

Den smilliae - pink

Den ianthinum 'Red' - cream, red spot purple lip

Phal pulchra - dark purple

Phal fasciata - yellow with brown spot

Phal reichenbachiana (boxallii)

V tricolor var pallida

Oncidium ornithoryncum

Rhyncostylus gigantea

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You may also be interested in some of our hybrid flasks which have also received
great feedback. A new list for these will appear on the generalflask page