Room Decorations
Bali Orchid Garden offers a variety of floral services for many occasions.
Contact our staff to discuss your requirements.
Some of our specialities are:

*        Room Decorations for Special Occasions:

Price on application

*        Bridal & Honeymoon Room decorations:

See more detail

Price for individual requirements on application

*         Hotel Suite Decorations:

-       Complete Hotel room decoration

-       Simple Hotel room decoration

-       Floral vases and Bouquet

-       Floral pathway

Prices on application

*        Conferences:

-      Room Decorations for Delegates

Prices on application

Contact the Marketing Manager at Bali Orchid Garden:
Ph. +62361466010                                                
Useful inks:
Bali Orchid Garden    email:       Telp: +62 361466010      Fax: +62 361 466011  
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