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Bali Orchid Garden has a wide range of merchandise available for purchase from its well stocked souvenir store. Items are as diverse as
Gold and Silver jewellery, T-shirts,  paintings, wax orchid candles, fragrances, honey, ginger, flasks of orchid plants and an exclusive Tastes of
Indonesia brand of Kopi Luwak.     See the Souvenir page for pictures.

Boxes of tropical flowers including Heliconia, Anthuriums and Orchids can be purchased for visitors to take home to their country. Full export
clearance papers are provided with boxes delivered to any hotel.

*** Tastes of Indonesia KOPI LUWAK

Kopi Luwak is an epicure coffee of great rarity and sought by connoisseurs throughout the world.
Pric es can reach US$1000 per Kg. Tastes of Indonesia Kopi Luwak is unique in that it ismade from
Arabica beans collected from coffee plantations in Bali.
Kopi Luwak for greater detail and order through

Cut Flowers
A range of cut flowers may be purchased through Bali Orchid Garden or Toko Bunga Tropicana. Browse the

Flower Boxes and Baskets
Flower boxes of tropical flowers and orchids may be purchased by visitors to Bali to take home.  
Order through

Floral Arrangements
Arrangements of flowers are also available for special occasions, weddings, conferences and hotels. We specialise
in tropical flower arrangements from simple bouquets to elaborate room decorations and comprehensive function
displays. See   '
Special occasion packages' and Room Decorations  or contact

Bali Orchid garden has a range of good quality jewellery for sale including  gold and silver jewellery of highest quality.
There is an orchid theme displayed in each piece. The range includes earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and
The full range will soon be available for viewing on the
Jewellery page with ordering through

Wax Candles
These unique candles in the shape of orchids are individually hand made from wax. Candles are available from the
souvenir shop, and will soon be available through

Orchid Flasks
A range of different orchid seedlings of various genera are available in sterile flasks.
These can be sent to most countries without difficulty. We can also supply flasks of
Indonesian species.
Orchid Flasks page for details and instructions on how to de-flask and care for your
seedings, and order through

Various seeds available include white, yellow and dark pink  frangipani and white and pink Lotus.  

T-Shirts with hand painted orchid flowers are available in various colours and standard sizes
Bali Orchid Garden    email:       Telp: +62 361466010      Fax: +62 361 466011  
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