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Bali Orchid Garden, established by Pt. Angrek Anyar in 1999 as a tourist garden, now has
an established cut flower industry able to supply both local and overseas markets.

We also have a range of merchandise sold through the gardens. Some of these products
are unique and only available through our business; for other items we are able to act as
agents. Inquiries about any of these products is welcome.
Bulbophyllum vaginatum
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Luxury Villas:
Bali villas for rent in Ubud at reasonable price

Airlines and travel:
Indonesian national airline for international
and domestic flights

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Growing Orchids:
Get information on effortless ways to grow and care
for beautiful orchids   

Orchid information and contacts:

Orchid Guide

Gingers & Heliconia

Coffee : Kopi Luwak

Orchid Societies:

VIP entry assistance at Bali arrivals

Friends of Bali Orchid Garden
Visitor admiring Vanda hybrid

Tastes of Indonesia

Try this unique coffee from Bali Indonesia,

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Bali Orchid Garden

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Bali Orchid Garden and Pt. Anggrek Anyar welcome any inquiries about
their products and business. We cater for tourists and local trade.

We invite Orchid Societies around the world to tour the gardens and
include their contact in our links.

If your business would like to be included in our links please contact us
at We would request reciprocation for this
Bali Orchid Garden    email:       Telp: +62 361466010      Fax: +62 361 466011  
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Bali Orchid Garden can supply:

Flasks of Orchids to take home

Wedding decorations

Wedding venue

Photograhic site for any occasion

Hotel Room decorations

Cut flowers for local and international market

Flower arrangements and Bouquets

Guided tours of Gardens

Orchid tours

Orchid gold and silver jewellery

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