24carat gold-plated ORCHIDS
Gold orchid jewellery is made from real orchids. Suitably selected flowers are taken through several
stages of preparation before being coated with 24 carat gold.
The flowers are then assembled into items of jewellery by soldering.

Some samples of our gold plated orchid jewellery are seen below.

Our jewellery selection also includes a variety of solid gold molded orchids and real dried orchids pressed
within the item of jewellery.

The variety of designs of ear-rings, pendants, brooches from our suppliers are regularly changing and being
updated. Contact us for more details.
Some samples of our handcrafted
gold & gold plated orchid Jewellery
All jewellery can be purchased through contacting Bali Orchid
Garden or ordering through
Other souvenirs available:
*  Candles - handcrafted in wax                               *  Paintings
*  Honey                                                                        *  Hand painted T - shirts
*  Flasks of orchid plants                                          *  Gold & silver orchid souvenir spoons     

All souvenirs can be purchased from the souvenir shop and if desired packaged for you to transport home.
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Souvenirs of the month

Gold Orchid jewellery
Real orchids gilded        
with 22 carat gold

Flower Candles
Handcrafted in wax

Flasks of Orchid Plants