Honeymoon Room Decorations
Make your first night of marriage special with a beautiful floral display in your
hotel suite.

A wonderful gift from one of your family or bridal party

Contact our staff to discuss your decoration preferences

*        Bridal and Honeymoon Room Decorations     
    can be individualised or pick from one of our     
    standard packages:

All packages use orchids as the main
    flower of decoration.

     Prices on application

*    Standard Hotel room decoration

-        Bed decoration

-        Floral pathway

*    Deluxe Special Hotel room decoration

-        Bed decoration

-        Curtain decoration

-        Floral vases and Bouquet

-        Floral pathway

-        Flower petal bath

Other flowers such as roses and chrysanthemum  
 may be used for decoration by request. Enquire   
          for separate charges and packages.

Contact the Marketing Manager at Bali Orchid Garden:
     Ph. +62361466010                                                
Useful inks:
Bali Orchid Garden    email: info@baliorchidgarden.com.    www.baliorchidgardens.com       Telp: +62 361466010      Fax: +62 361 466011  
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