current list of available flasks
Bali Orchid Garden can supply seedling orchids in sterile flasks suitable for export to most countries. Because orchids need to be grown in a
sterile medium these flasks pose no threat to introduction of disease to the country of destination.

The agricultural authorities in most countries will allow a small number of flasks to be carried in personal luggage, but you will need to declare them
and they will need to be inspected by the authorities. As long as the sealing on the flask has not been disturbed there should be no reason for fungus
or other disease to enter. The pressurisation and de-pressurisation during travel can sometimes allow air to enter the flask but it will not do so if the
seal is maintained.
Please  maintain the flask with seedlings upright during travel. We advise for best results that seedlings are deflasked as soon as possible after

The medium used in some flasks has a black colouration. This is NOT disease but due to one of the medium ingredients that helps seedling growth.

If  you have any difficulties with your authorities we would like to know about it. We may need to contact them to clarify their concerns.
Recently we have been made aware of difficulties at some of the Australian airports. We have been in contact with them and have been assured that the
flasks we supply are in order and the black colouration in the media is acceptable. Please refer them to us if flasks are to be confiscated.

Cattleya, Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis hybrids are   
available in varying colours

Large flasks contain 30-50 seedlings
Small flasks of 5 or 10 seedlings are also available

Flasks available and
in stock are constantly changing as new and interesting
species and hybrids become available.

We are now able to send flasks of orchid seedlings and
mericlones to most countries. Contact us for availability and

All enquiries: info@baliorchidgarden.com
Bali Orchid Garden    email: info@baliorchidgarden.com.    www.baliorchidgardens.com    Telp: +62 361466010    Fax: +62 361 466011  
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Current catalogue of orchid flasks available
                                                 Flasks available in Australia
Vandopsis lissoclinolides-1                                              Vanda tricolor - 1
Paraphalaenopsis serpentilingua -2                               Paraphalaeopsis primulinum -1                                         
Dockrilla dolicophyllum -1                                                  Grammatophyllum scriptum - 1
Coelogyne pandurata ('Black Orchid') - 7                        Dendrobium attune - 1
Rhynchostylis gigantea x self - 1                                       Dendrobium spectabile x self -1
Vanda Rasri gold x Vanda tricolor 'suavis'

Cattleya Pastoral Innocense x self (white, red lip) 2
Cattleya Tzeng Wen Beauty 'Buddha' (yellow) x C Mystic Island 'Chen Mi Down' (green)
Cattleya Pottinhara Ahchong YoYo 'Paradise Fish' (yellow)  x C Kagoribi Down 'Red Star' (red)
Species Flask                
No.        Description                                 Qty                
2        Coelogyne pandurata                     10                
3        Dendrobium mirbelianum                 2                
4        Dendrobium linneale                        2                
6        Dendrobium macrophyllum               2                
7        Dockrillia dolicophylla                       1                
8        Dendrobium affine                            2                
9        Paraphalenopsis laycockii                2                
10      Paraphalenopsis serpentilingua       1                
11      Phaius tankervilleae                         2                
15      Dendrobium Spectabile                    2                
14      Aerides Odoratum                            1                
15      Grammatophyllum Speciosum          3                

Hybrid Flasks                        
1362        D. Taida Fire Birds " Red Bird"/Purple        X        D. Self                                                         1
1368        D. Taida Sweey " Stripe Beauty "/ white with red line        X       D. Self                                    1
2043        D. Shavin white/white        X        Self                                                                                        1
2519        D. Wong Leng Beauty/White with red line        X        D. Mini/White with purple splash             1
2529        D. Red Bull/purple        X        D. Anosmum gigantea alba/white                                               2
2535        D. Albertisii/roserik/Indonesia Emas/yellow        X        HBO1/red twisted                                  2
2537        D. Sabin Compactum/purpla        X        D. williamsianum/white with purple lip                          3
2539        D. rachianum/green twisted        X        D. tangerinum/yellow                                                    2
2541        D. Wong Leng " Red Lips"/White        X        Self                                                                       5
2543        Den. Shavin White/White        X        Self                                                                                   5
1313        Ph.Barbara Moller/yellow        X        Doritis red splash                                                              1
1314        Ph. Sayukudion/putih with yellow lip        X        Self                                                                   2
1319        Ph. Robert chick/Mok choi yew/yellow        X        Ph. Hierogliphyca/brown                                1
1322        Ph. Doudii Prince/yellow        X        Ph. Paifang Queen/Misty Green/red                                  1
1323        Ph Golden poeker/chien spider beauty/white        X      Dpts Happy Valentine/equiatris/red      1
1328        Ph. Mary stripe/purple        X        Ph. Paifang queen/misty green/red                                       2
1343        Ph. Golden poeker/Chien spider beauty/yellow, red        X        Self                                          1
1344        Ph. Tetrapis/pantherina/yellow        X        Dpts Happy Valentine/equiatris/brown                      1
1356        Ph. Taida snow/white, yellow        X        self                                                                               5
1357        Dtps.Romans valentine/pink        X        Self                                                                               3
1358        Ph Bellina/venosa/yellow        X        Ph. Brother Stripes/White                                                  1
1359        Ph. Bellina /Venosa/yellow        X        Ph. Zebrina/sumatrana/red                                              4
1360        Ph. Leopard prince/white red spot        X        Self                                                                      1
1364        Ph. Chiyota/purple        X        Ph. Taida fire birds ' red bird/dark purple                                    1
1368        Dtps Taida Sweet' Stripe beauty/white red line        X        Self                                                   1
1369        Ph. Csouth Cha Li Su Ding Queen/White with purple lip        X        Self                                     1
1371        Ph.Barbara Moller/yellow        X        Ph. Paifang Queen/Misty Green/red                                  2
1381        Ph. Pink Leopard"Petra"/White with purple lip        X        Ph. New Angel /Purple                        6
1382        Ph. Golden Sun/Red        X        Ph. New Angel /Purple                                                              1
1386        phal. Amabilis/gigantea/white, red spot      X     phal. Brother Gold Stone/Yellow orange lip       1
1387        Dtps. Penang beauty/dark red        X        phal. New Angel/dark purple                                      3
1388        Phal. New Angel/Magic fire/ dark purple red lip        X        self                                                    1
4019        Blc. White Sport lovely star/White        X        Self                                                                        1
4045        C. interglosa/white ,pink spot, purple lip        X        Self                                                               1
4052        C.Long tone african beauty/brown        x        C.chun yeah/yellow                                               3
4051        Blc. Yen Turana Genius/Green        X        C. Pottinara Ahchung Yoyo"Paradise/Yellow             2
4053        Blc. Tzeng Wen beauty Little phone/green        X        Blc. Boby world neil mactade /Yellow        2
4055        C.Sophie martin thospol tricum porm flower bird/white        X        Sibling                                     1
4056        Blc. Tzeng wen beauty “ Budha”/yellow        X        Blc. Mistic island " chen mi down "/green       2
4057        Blc. Mistic island “ chen mi down”/green        X        Blc. Tzeng wen beauty “ Budha”/yellow        1
4060        Blc. Tainan Gold/yellow        X        Blc. Tainan city/orange                                                          3
4061        Blc. Guanmiau city/purple        X        Blc. Brice canyon “ chen ruby”                                           1
4063        Blc. Mistic island " chen mi down "/green        X        Blc. King of taiwan/purple                            2
4064        Blc. Tainan city /orange        X        Blc. Guanmiau city/green                                                      1
4065        Blc. Chen yeah /yellow        X        Blc. Guanmiau City/purple                                                       5
4068        Blc. Chen yeah /yellow        X        Blc. Taiwan Queen                                                                  2
4069        Blc. Brice canyon “ chen ruby”/purple        X        Blc. Sam yang ruby'shin mei/red                      2
4070        Blc. Tzeng wen beauty " buddha"/red  X  C.Sophie martin thospol tricum porm flower bird/white 1
4071        Blc. Brice canyon “ chen ruby”/purple        X        Blc tzeng wen beauty “ budha”                         5
4072        Blc. Tainan city /orange        X        Self                                                                                        1
4073        Blc. Toshie Aoki Pizzas/Yell , red lip        X        Self                                                                      2
4074        Blc. Toshie Aoki Pizzas/Yellow        X        Blc. Mistic Island Chen mi Dao/Green                          3
4075        C. Toshie Aoki Pizzaz/yellow red lip        X        C. Chun yeah/Yellow                                           13
4077        Blc. Mistic Island "Chen Mi Dao/Green        X        Blc. Toshie Aoki “ pizzas”/purple                      7
4079        Blc. Brice canyon “ chen ruby”/purple        X        Self                                                                   7
4080        Blc. Toshie Aoki Pizzas/Yellow        X        Blc. King of taiwan/purple                                             7
4081        C. Sophie Martin/white with purple lip        X        self                                                                     7
4082        Blc. Chun yeah/yellow red lip        X        Blc. Bryce Canyon/purple red lip                                    5
4083        L.Tainan city/orange        X        Blc. San yang Ruby" shin Mei/dark red                                       2
4084        Lc. Tric or Treath/Orange        X        Blc. King of taiwan/purple                                                   12
4085        C. Chocolate Drops/Red        X        lc. Trick or Treath/orange                                                      1
4089        Blc. Yen Turana Genius/Green        X        Lc.trick or treath                                                          4
4090        C.Chocolate Drops/Red        X        C.Sophie/White                                                                       1
3035        V Tricolor var pallida/yellow        X        self                                                                                   1
3053        V.rasri Gold/Sanderiana Selected/white        X        V. tricolor var suavis/white                             6
3055        V.tricolor Bali/white with red spot        X        Self                                                                           1
3056        Armadorum sulingii/brown        X        Renanthera kalsum storii/red                                              4
3060        V . Sanderiana/red        X        V. tricolor var suavis/white                                                             1
3067        V. Limbata/ brown, yellow        X        Aerides odorata alba/white                                                  2
3068        V.Sanderiana Thong Lor/Pink red spot        X        V.Bimayotin /Purple red lip                              1
3069        V.Sanderiana thonglor/sanderiana bonpotte/white/brown X V jarongkrak black/kaseem delight/sunray 1
3072        V.Tricolor flores/White , red spot        X        Self                                                                           1
3075        V.Tesselata/Blue        X        V.Dark Brown Red/Red                                                                     1
3084        V.Kassem Delight/Madam Ratana/dark red        X        V.tricolor var pallida/yelow                        4