Cut Flowers

Sonia, Fairy white
Chark kwan, Swilaya pink,
Walter Oumae Red, Walter
Oumae pink, Yellow
Aranthera: James Storie

Tropical, Kaumana Red,
Arizona, Nita, Carnival,
President, Fantasia,
Sonata, Pink Ice.

Claw 1&2, Sassy, Firebird

Beehive, Costa
Chocolate Beehive  

contact Kerambitan:
0361 701988                       
Bali Orchid Garden's beautiful and relaxing tropical garden has a large variety of tropical
flowers and orchids blooming throughout the year. It is open for individual tourists or tours
groups. There are also flowers and plants available to purchase.

  • Souvenirs available with jewellery, paintings and candle souvenirs having a flower

  • View our wide range of Flasks of orchid plants.    

  • Bouquets of cut flowers and flower arrangements can be made to order.

  • Tropical flower boxes for export  include any combination of our cut flowers. Full export
    clearance papers are provided for boxes and delivery to your hotel can be arranged.

  • Beautify your hotel room with a room decoration.

  • Purchase a bouquet of flowers to brighten the day of a special friend.

PT Anggrek Anyar's
cut flower farms produce a range of Heliconia, Beehive and Torch
Ginger,  Anthurium and other flowers and foliage for retail purchase. Detail of flowers for sale
are in '
Flower catalogues'

Pt Angrek Anyar and Bali Orchid Garden are working in collaboration with The Indonesian
Government Horticultural Department and Bogor University to develop an Export flower
market in Bali and Indonesia. Cooperatives with village farmers are being established to grow
plants and supply a range of high quality flowers for both the local and export flower market.



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A. Pink Ice
A. Tropical
A. Nita
A. Sonata
Mok. Christine
H. Claw  ll
A Arizona
A. Kaumana
A. Fantasia
Buy through our gardens by contacting
A Verdi
H. caribbea Red
H Caribbea Yellow
H Claw II
H Firebird
H Turbo
H wagneriana
Indonesian Ginger