What & where is Bali Orchid Garden?

* Bali Orchid Garden is a hectare of landscaped tropical gardens  providing a beautiful and relaxing tropical environment with exquisite
orchids blooming throughout the year. Located within the green belt amongst rice paddies, it is reached via Jln Bypass Ngurah Rai,
Tohpati, approximately 10 minutes north of Sanur, Bali and easily accessed by taxi or en route to other northern and easterly tourist
sites.  See

* The Garden is open for individual tourists or tours groups daily between 8am and 6pm. Friendly staff will act as escorts, provide
information about the wide variety of tropical plants and help you discover many orchid treasures.

* It is Bali's only Orchid Garden for overseas and local tourists and complements the government botanical gardens. Other tourist
services available through the gardens include tours, souvenirs, flower boxes for export, orchid flasks, cut flowers and flower
arrangements. Select from the menu to find more information about each of these products. Kopi Bali and Kopi Luwak are available
from the on-site cafe along with a variety of other refreshing drinks.
Who are we?

Bali Orchid Garden, opened in 1999 was founded and developed by David and Dorothy Dowd for PT Anggrek Anyar.  New Zealanders
and orchid enthusiasts, they drew the inspiration for their landscaping of the gardens from several internationally recognised Botanical
gardens including Singapore's National and Mandai Gardens, several gardens throughout Thailand, as well as Kew and Birmingham
gardens in England.

PT Anggrek Anyar, the parent company, was established in 1998 for the development of Bali Orchid Garden. Since then gardens to
grow Anthuriums, Heliconia, Gingers and Orchids for cut flowers have been developed to supply a rapidly growing wholesale cut flower
market and provide for Bali Orchid Garden's flower products. Recently gardens for the display of Aroids and other exotic tropical plants
have been developed.
cut flowers  and  exotic plants.
How to contact us:

David: david@baliorchidgarden.gmail.com
Dorothy: dorothydowd@gmail.com                              
Bali Orchid Garden Manager:
Bali Orchid Garden: Telp: +62 361 466010                                 
                        Fax:   +62 361 466011                   
Kerambitan Garden: 0361 701988                                               
website: www.baliorchidgardens.com
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